In the past year Brandt Asian Art, has been actively accumulating a highly unusual and diverse collection of works of art, incorporating several themes, which have always been of particular interest to us and which we hope represent a shared interest.

We were delighted to be able to obtain a number of pieces, which reflect the cultural exchange between the East and West, over the last millennium. Our eclectic mix of objects include boxes, textiles and pottery, which particular objects perfectly illustrating this mutual interest. A rare pair of standing lanterns [ Catalogue No.13 ] carved from the much-prised Zitan wood, the reverse glass paintings, depict European scenes and include a middle-eastern trader. We have a rare Canton Coverlet [ Catalogue No.81 ] with decorative influences drawn from England, Indian and China. A particular favorite of ours is a rare Chinese bronze figure of a western Asiatic turbaned merchant [ Catalogue No.30 ]. It is interesting to note that Asia was as fascinated with the West as the West was with the East, and the quest to discover foreign cultures and religions was shared. (Note: the rare Evangelical Priest (#25) additionally represents the spread of Christianity, via the Silk Road.)



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