November 2004 Exhibition: Brandt Oriental Art has been dealing in Japanese and Chinese art for over twenty five years. This year’s catalogue is an eclectic and unusual mixture of good Meiji objects, Tibetan sculptural works of art, scholars-items, export material and pieces that result from the collaboration between western and eastern cultures.

The iron carp No.23 is one of the finest pieces of Japanese metal workmanship to have passed through our hands. The subtle use of mixed metals and delicate gilding,allied to the articulated body, give it a suppleness that exceeds similar representation on other materials such as cloisonné or porcelain.

The scholar’s table provides a number of interesting carvings, from the beautifully patinated ivory incense vase No.7 to the abstract scholar’s rock No.19, used to break up the uniformity of a room, to the burr wood scroll pot No.52 the natural form cleverly incorporated into a receptacle, and ultimately to a model of a scholar himself No.47, masterfully represented in a horseshoe chair.

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